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New Shot Sleeves

• Rough drill steel
• Rough machine ID and OD dimensions including any milling operations
• Heat-treat to customer's required Rockwell standards
• Finish ID and OD dimensions
• Inspection of all dimensions prior to nitriding
• Nitride for 36 hours
• Polish ID with emery clothe and gauge for final check and inspection
• Ship to customer

• Sandblast
• Polish hone to remove excess debris in ID
• Visual inspection of OD for cracks and ID for washout and erosion
• Quote Not-To-Exceed cost for each Cold Chamber
• Gauge bore for straightness
• If Polish Only: emery clothe ID or if straightness needs to be addressed, remove ID stock to
next .020" increment and emery clothe accordingly
• If bore sufficiently damaged: either remove ID stock past the current layer of nitride and all other ID
defects, or, if damage is contained in washout area, weld and bore to preserve ID. Hone to an even .010" increment.
• Nitride for 36 hours .008-.01 deep
• Polish ID with emery clothe and gauge for final check and inspection
• Return to customer


Shot Sleeves

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